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STEP 1: The Imagination/Planning Phase
This may very well be the most important part of building your new home - as it is when you communicate your thoughts and ideas about the home you've been dreaming about.  We will discuss your budget as well as any time considerations.  We will listen to your ideas, ask questions, and do our best to understand you, your tastes and preferences, as well as the needs and lifestyle of your family. 

STEP 2: The Preliminary Design Phase

Here, a functional home design is produced to meet all your requirements and specifications.

Adair Architects will provide "Preliminary" or "Schematic" drawings which show the basic design of your new home, including the floor plan, as well as the architectural style for the facade or "Front Elevation". This is your opportunity to analyze the drawings and make any needed changes to the layout.  It is much easier to make changes at this stage when your project is in sketch form than later when many hours have been spent working on construction documents or after foundations have been poured and walls erected.

If you have your dream home in mind, let Adair Architects provide a custom home design that will bring that dream
into reality in a wonderfully creative and cost-efficient way. 

For every project, we go through a 4-step process that helps ensure that your dream is realized in full:
STEP 3: The Construction Drawing Phase

All decisions made up to this point are finally put on paper so they can be incorporated into your home.  These construction documents (blueprints) include detailed floor plans, all exterior elevations (4 sides), typical wall section, roof plan,
and other required details.

As they are basically the instructions for building your home, the blueprints will be needed by your general contractor for
sub-contractor bidding, permit acquisition, and construction.
The documents actually become a part of your contract with the builder as they establish the builder's contractual obligations.
If you have not yet selected a home builder, please talk to us about the General Contracting services offered by our office.

The 'official' architectural design process may essentially end at this point.  However, we believe that even the finest 2-D drawings cannot fully convey the full scope of artistic architectural elements envisioned for your home. Because of this, Adair Architects is happy to continue working with you throughout the construction of your home, to help ensure that your home is built as intended.  When the time comes, we can even help with material and color selections, if needed, to ensure the consistency of the quality and style of your finished home.
STEP 4: The Construction Phase

During this phase, we recommend that you have us inspect the construction of your home at several key points - including once the foundation is poured, once the home is framed, once mechanicals are installed, after drywall, after trim, and a final inspection before you move in.

Including us throughout the construction of your home allows us to help you make sure your home is built in line with your original vision and, more importantly, help you avoid potential costly wrong turns along the way.